• Antalya

    Antalya is a province in the southern Mediterranean region of Turkey. Antalya is on the Turquoise Riviera with clear waters and beautiful Mediterranean coastline, the region is great for divers, swimmers and yachting.

    Getting to the city of Antalya

    Antalya has an airport which caters for the charter flights full of holiday makers. International flights are mostly from / to Germany and Russia, although other destinations are available.

    By Airway

    Antalya is the closest airport, served by inexpensive flights from Istanbul. (As low as $50.00, early booking is also available for lower prices)

    By Bus

    The Turkish bus system is comprehensive and you can get about anywhere from everywhere. Better spend a couple of Lira more and you will have an unforgettable journey. Ulusoy has buses with seats that resemble business class in airplanes. Some even have an onboard WLAN.

    Fares are low. Simply show up at the bus station (“otogar”) and announce your destination. From most cities, there are an overnight bus options.

    By Ferry

    Most travelers arrive in Marmaris from Rhodes, Greece, then bus it overland.

    You can also take the ferry from Kastellorizo, a tiny Greek island just off the Turkish fishing village of Kas.


    Antalya is rich in history and art.

    • The old quarter, Kalei√ßi, has narrow, winding streets enclosed in ancient city walls.
    • There’s a great archaeology museum and plenty of historic buildings and ancient ruins nearby.


    Most of Antalya’s historic buildings can be found along the narrow, winding streets of Kalei√ßi, the old quarter. Historical, architectural and archaeological sites of note include: Yivli Minaret, Karatay Medresesi, Hƒ±dƒ±rlƒ±k Tower, Ahi Yusuf Mescidi, Iskele Mosque, Murat Pa≈üa Mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pa≈üa Mosque, Balibey Mosque, Musellim Mosque, Seyh Sinan Efendi Mosque, Hadrian Arch, and the Clock Tower. Many structures date back to the Hellenistic era. Additionally the Antalya Museum has a notable archaeology collection.

    • Walk around and chill at Beachpark.
    • Shop at great malls; 5M and Deepo Outlet Center.


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    To learn more about Antalya, visit Antalya.com

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