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    Magic Weddings in Turkey

    Turkey’s spectacular coastlines, magnificent landscapes and exotic cities make it the perfect backdrop for your special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, blessing or honeymoon. The breathtaking scenery and warm climate, coupled with a rapidly improving infrastructure and tourism centres means organising a wedding in Turkey is no longer the difficulty it once was. Even so, organising a wedding abroad can still be quite daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the language, culture and the local bureaucracy. That’s why we recommend that you choose one of the many tour operators that now specialise in weddings to Turkey, making the process simple and stress-free – some companies will even tailor your weddings to suit your personal preferences and budgets. Whether it’s a fairy-tale wedding in the enchanting and exotic Istanbul, a honeymoon aboard a traditional sailing boat or a blissfully tranquil blessing in one of Turkey’s many secluded coves or castles, Turkey offers endless ideas for a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

    Wedding in Turkey with Style

    Bride and Groom will join to their ceremony with a speedboat and than all the balloons will fly to the sky while the guests are clapping hands. This is the first step!

    Honeymoon Turkey Travel Planner

    Anthony met Cleopatra at Side on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for a romantic interlude. Then he gave the Egyptian queen her own private Turquoise Coast beach covered with sand shipped in from Egypt so she wouldn’t feel homesick. That was then, this is now: great beaches and resorts, private yacht cruises, excellent restaurants, lively cafe life, world-class museums (many in castles and palaces), and of course top-class hotels everywhere.

    Honeymoon in Turkey

    A honeymoon should be the most memorable and idyllic trip of a lifetime, one you will remember for years to come. Turkey with its outstanding hotels, beautiful scenery and ancient sites offers you something out of the ordinary. In Istanbul imagine shopping together in the Grand Bazaar, buying copper pots and carpets for your new home, or sharing the pleasures of a Turkish bath….

    Honeymoon Package Including Accomodation at Istanbul Hilton Hotel

    Your transfer from the airport to the Hilton Hotel is being organized by us with pleasure. We are leaving you at Hilton Hotel to spend your time “tete √¢ tete”. Your fruit basket, champaigne and a small gift will be ready at your room. And we thought you won’t say no for a dinner with champaigne at your room one night , you will only decide which night..


    Honeymoon Package Including Accomodation at Halki Palace Hotel Heybeliada

    Your transfer from the airport to the Halki Palace Hotel is being organized by us with pleasure. We are leaving you at the pier to be “tete √¢ tete”. Fruit plate and wine will be ready at your room at the Hotel…We hope it will help you to forget your tiredness. And there will be a small gift ready at your room. And besides these one dinner at one night at your balcony of the room or at a good restaurant of the Island(Heybeliada)…. You will only decide which night.

    Honeymoon Programme: 4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS Accomodation at Halki Palace Hotel Heybeliada.

    Hotel Intercontinental-Kemer

    A World Brand in Antalya! Enjoy the ideal location for your honeymoon in paradise. Romance, Passion, Indulgence, Privacy… and Fun! All the elements of a perfect honeymoon and the ideal way to begin your life’s journey together. Inter-Continental Kemer, offer the ideal romantic atmosphere for you to be alone together. It’s here that you’ll discover each other and share your thoughts and dreams. We have choosen the best and the most deluxe for you.

    Happy Days During Your Honeymoon in Gocek

    When you choose our Honeymoon Package at Swissôtel Gocek you will have plus advantages: Boat tour in the afternoon(only two of you), one dinner at The Terrace of Verandah Restaurant with its unique view, welcome chocolate with seasonal fruits in your room and champaigne breakfast on the first day at the hotel.

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