• Attractions

    Turkey certainly has a host of interesting attractions to offer its many visitors who visit the country in droves. You have only to choose if you want to visit and explore rich, cultural heritage sites like ancient temples, ruins of ancient civilizations like the city of Troy or enjoy yourself in the many upscale resort destinations along the beautiful Turkish coast. There are a number of flights to Dalaman International Airport available daily which is only a short distance away from such popular seaside resort towns like Marmaris, Fethiye, Dalyan and Hisaronu just to name a few. Read on below to know more about attractions available in Turkey.

    Karain Cave

    Situated 27 km. northwest of Antalya, on the Katran Mountains. It is a natural cave. It has been discovered to have been used as human shelter during the prehistoric (Paleolithic, Mezzolithic and Calcolithic) ages. Skeletons, tools from the paleolithic and neolithic ages, processed flintstones and other important remains have been found. Read More »

    Mother Goddess Statuette

    Fired clay, first half of the 6th millenium B.C., height 20 cm, Çatalhöyük. (Museum of Anatolian Civilizations) Read More »

    Yazılıkaya РMidas City РThe Great Monument

    Situated at 90 km. from Eskişehir, the Yazılıkaya РMidas City established during the 7th century B.C., is famous for its Great Monument which is an important masterpiece of the Pbrygian Period. The monument is covered with miscellaneous geometric designs and hyerogliphics. During the Pbrygian Period religious ceremonies used to be held here.

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