A city wherethe mood is chill out. Weather is nice, attractions are great. There are tons of exciting places where you can head in an hour or two.


The natural land formations and huge expanses of silence are just a part of the mystery of the region.


Ephesus is one of the best-preserved ancient cities on the Mediterranean and a major player in the birth and evolution of Modern World.


Fethiye is much more than just the Blue Lagoon, that spectacularly turquoise poster child of Turkey's Mediterranean coast.


The most famous is the River Coruh, renowned internationally as one of the fastest flowing in the world, and venue of the 4th World Watersports Championships in 1993 which saw 300 competitors from 28 countries.


A great destination for those who are looking forward to enjoy both natural beauty and cultural mystry.


Named as bridge of civilizations for a long time, Turkey is one of the most interesting places to dive into. All the historical pieces of old civilizations are under the water, with all the natural life surrounding it.


In recent years, as golf courses with international standards have opened up, Turkey has become an elite golfing centre where players from around the world can meet in an environment of quality and prestige.

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